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Press & Clean Comics

WHAT IS COMIC PRESSING AND CLEANING? Pressing: can remove mirror flaws or defects such as dents, bends, rippling due to moisture, non-color break stress. Spine rolls. Pressing uses heat, pressure, and humidification when it is beneficial to the book to remove these issues.

Before starting any clean and press project, we analyse the collectible and identify all flaws. Those are then categorized under “fixable” and unfixable flaws. Like this we secure the best result to push the grading to the highest possible result. 

All cleaning and pressing are done internally on a professional way. 

Old or young books

We continuously study the art of printing comic books. This means we adapt our techniques on the different types of paper used in the industry. Depending on the paper used, the ink or the binding technique we switch the pressing and cleaning process. Going from cold and dry pressing to hot and humidity chamber regulated moistening of the collectibles. 

Bumb that grade! 

Do not hesitate to send us your already slabbed collectibles for a full analysis. 

Our team can identify the possible flaws of your collectible and correct them to increase your grade in a new submission. 

Lot’s of success stories and Bumb secured! No Bumb no fees policy. 

Restauration Service

We restaure you collectible back to an amazing good looking grail! All restorations are custom made, going from bleaching reassembling and coloring your collectible back to his original appearance. 

Comic-Stash Service

Press and Clean

Modern Comics
  • Post 1975
  • Dry Clean
  • Pressing

Press and clean

Older Comics
  • Pre 1975
  • Dry Clean
  • Pressing


All comic Books
  • Structural
  • Colour touch
  • UVC Treatment


Crack the slab
  • Bumb your grade
  • Full analysis
  • All comic books

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