A.X.E.: Judgment Day #2I - 616 Store Exclusive - Virgin

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Release: Aug 10, 2022
Cover: Oct 2022
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
David Nakayama Virgin Variant
| Comic | 32 pages |

THE WICKED WILL BE PUT TO DEATH! As the world shakes, an unlikely group of heroes and less-than-heroes gather to find a peaceful solution. Sadly, the best laid plans of man, mutant and Eternal oft go awry... RATED T+


Writer Kieron Gillen
Artist Valerio Schiti
Cover Artist David Nakayama
Colorist Marte 'Martegod' Gracia
Letterer Clayton Cowles
Editor Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski


Spider-Man Peter Parker
Captain America Steve Rogers
Iron Man Anthony 'Tony' Stark
Wolverine James 'Logan' Howlett
Beast Henry 'Hank' McCoy
Cyclops Scott Summers
Colossus Piotr 'Peter' Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Storm Ororo Munroe
Nightcrawler Kurt Wagner
Angel Warren Worthington III

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