Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #12A/453

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The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #12A/453

Release: Oct 13, 1999
Cover: Dec 1999
Modern Age | Color | USA | English

Direct Edition
| Comic | 48 pages 

Peter is trying to make amends with Mary Jane, but that's hard to do when they aren't speaking to each other. Meanwhile, Sandman is getting the Sinister Six back together with a new goal in mind that neither Senator Ward nor Doctor Octopus will be happy with.


Writer Howard Mackie
Cover Artist John Byrne
Penciller John Byrne
Inker Rodney Ramos, John Beatty
Colorist Joe Rosas
Letterer Troy Peteri, Comicraft
Editor Ralph Macchio


Spider-Man Peter Parker
Mary Jane Watson-Parker
May Parker
Dr. Octopus Otto Octavius
Sandman William 'Flint Marko' Baker
Venom Eddie Brock
Vulture Adrian Toomes
Electro Maxwell 'Max' Dillon
Jill Stacy
Kraven the Hunter Alyosha Kravinoff

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