Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #16A/457

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The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #16A/457

Release: Apr 2000
Cover: Apr 2000
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Direct Edition
| Comic | 32 pages 

The financial situation surrounding the Parkers has collapsed, and Mary Jane's manager has vanished. Peter's trying to put things right, but he can't track down what's happened to her agent, his job at Tricorp is in jeopardy, and things have changed at the Bugle. Today has not been a good day.


Writer Howard Mackie
Cover Artist John Byrne
Penciller John Byrne
Inker Dan Green
Colorist Joe Rosas
Letterer Troy Peteri
Editor Ralph Macchio
Editor in Chief Robert Harras


Spider-Man Peter Parker
J. Jonah Jameson Jr.
May Parker
Ghost (Marvel)
Terry Kwan
Doctor Twaki
Cassandra Locke

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