Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #51A/492 - Key

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The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #51A/492

 Origin & 1st app. Digger

Release: May 2003
Cover: May 2003
Modern Age | Color | USA | English

Direct Edition
| Comic | 32 pages 

A superstrong amalgamation of several murdered gangsters is tearing through town, trying to reassemble a 50 year old life. Meanwhile, Peter and Mary Jane are starting to put their lives back together.


Writer J. Michael Straczynski
Artist John Romita Jr.
Cover Artist J. Scott Campbell
Cover Inker Tim Townsend
Inker Scott Hanna
Colorist Dan Kemp
Letterer Chris Eliopoulos
Editor Axel Alonso
Editor in Chief Joe Quesada


Spider-Man Peter Parker
Mary Jane Watson-Parker
William Lamont

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