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Edge of Spider-Verse, Vol. 2 #2G

1st app. Spider-UK (Zarina Zahari)

Release: Aug 17, 2022
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Peach Momoko Virgin Variant
| Comic | 32 pages | 

IN THIS ISSUE: SPIDER-GWEN! THE NEW SPIDER-UK! MINI-SPIDEY! And get to know your antagonist for this huge story! RATED T+


Writer Ramzee, Mallory Rosenthal
Artist Ig Guara-Barros, Chris Giarrusso
Cover Artist Peach Momoko
Inker Paco Medina
Colorist Ruairi Coleman, Walden Wong
Letterer Rico Renzi, Brian Reber
Editor Kaeden McGahey, Thomas Groneman
Editor in Chief Nick Lowe

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