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Edge of Spider-Verse, Vol. 2 #5N

1st app. Web-Weaver, 1st app. Hunter-spider, 1st app. Syllie-Spider

Release: Sep 28, 2022
Cover: Oct 2022
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Frankie’s Comics New York Comic Con Exclusive
| Comic | 32 pages

Three brand new Spiders get their start here! WEB-WEAVER: A not-so-mild mannered fashion designer at Van Dyne gets spider-powers and shows us a very different kind of Spider-Slayer. HUNTER-SPIDER: Imagine a world where Sergei Kravinoff got Spider-Powers. You are not ready for the most hardcore Spider yet! Both of these and Phil Lord & Christopher Miller, the filmmakers behind the Spider-Verse movies, create a new Spider just in time for the END OF THE SPIDER-VERSE!


Writer Phil Lord, J.M. DeMatteis
Artist Kei Zama, Bob McLeod
Cover Artist Tyler Kirkham
Colorist Jim Campbell, Brian Reber
Letterer Joe Caramagna, Chris Eliopoulos
Editor Nick Lowe, Devin Lewis
Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski

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