Gargoyles: Dark Ages #1A

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Release: Jul 12, 2023

Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Clayton Crain Regular
72513033136601011 | Comic | 32 pages

In this brand new miniseries, Gargoyles creator GREG WEISMAN and artist DREW MOSS return to the long-lost era when humans and Gargoyles lived in harmony. But in a world ruled by superstition and the sword, monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Forces of evil from both outside and within are threatening to destroy this precarious peace- with consequences that will reverberate down through the centuries and into the present day! Featuring high-quality cardstock on every cover, this limited series debuts with a special 24-page main story - and every 40-page issue will include a new illustrated text story by Greg Weisman!



Writer Greg Weisman
Artist Drew Moss
Cover Artist Clayton Crain
Letterer Jeff Eckleberry

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