Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: Legion of Bats! #1B (Dan Hipp Variant)

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Release: Oct 18, 2022
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Dan Hipp Variant
76194137768100121 | Comic | 32 pages

When last we checked in with Harley Quinn, she ate, she banged, and she killed--but now it's time for something a little different. Fresh out of the events of Harley Quinn: The Animated Series season 3, Harley has found herself a part of a highly unlikely team--the Bat-Family! Meanwhile, Poison Ivy has found herself prepping for her new job--leader of the Legion of Doom! But while Harley and Ivy adjust to their respective new roles, a ghost from Ivy's past enters the fray and threatens the relationship between everyone's favorite clown/plant couple!



Writer Tee Franklin
Cover Artist Dan Hipp
Penciller Shae Beagle
Inker Roberto Poggi, Shae Beagle
Colorist Lee Loughridge
Letterer Taylor Esposito
Editor Katie Kubert
Editor in Chief Marie Javins

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