Star Wars: Dark Force Rising #5A

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Release: Sep 1997
Cover: Sep 1997
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
76156895156100511 | Comic | 32 pages

The Katana fleet, almost two hundred Dreadnaught heavy cruisers, were lost to hyperspace in the days of the Old Republic. Now the Empire wants the cruisers so they can regain power. The New Republic wants the ships to crush the Empire for good. And Talon Karrde is the only man who knows where to find the lost fleet, which could either be an invitation to fortune . . . or a bargaining chip at his execution.


Writer Mike Baron, Timothy Zahn
Cover Artist Mathieu Lauffray
Penciller Terry Dodson
Inker Kevin Nowlan
Colorist Pamela Rambo
Letterer Ellie deVille
Editor Dave Land, Bob Cooper


Luke Skywalker
Leia Organa
Han Solo
Lando Calrissian
Mara Jade
Thrawn Mitth'raw'nuruodo
Gilad Pellaeon
Talon Karrde

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