Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi - Force Storm #2 (RARE) ๐Ÿ”‘

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Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm, Part Two


1st app. of Shae Koda, a human Je'daii Journeyer
1st app. of Sek'nos Rath, a Sith Je'daii Ranger
1st app. of Tasha Ryo, a Twi'lek who wields the Force
1st app.ย of Hawk Ryo, a Twi'lek Je'daii Ranger

Release: Mar 21, 2012
Cover: Mar 2012

Modern Age | Color | USA | English

At the heart of a galaxy far, far away lies the Tython system-home of the Je'daii for thousands of years. Now a stranger has come and the balance of the Force has been disrupted. Three young students feel the disturbance in the Force and are called to this new, shadowy presence. It is the calm before the storm that will engulf their planet and change the galaxy forever!


Cover Artist Jan Duursema
Penciller Jan Duursema
Inker Dan Parsons
Colorist Wes Dzioba
Letterer Michael Heisler
Plotter John Ostrander, Jan Duursema
Scripter John Ostrander
Editor Randy Stradley


Shae Koda
Daegen Lok
Sek'nos Rath
Tasha Ryo
Hawk Ryo
Volnos Ryo
Thok Rath
Miarta Sek

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