Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi - Force Storm #3 (RARE)

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Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm, Part Three

Release: Apr 18, 2012
Cover: Apr 2012
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
76156820342400311 | Comic | 28 pages

The balance of the Force on Tython has been thrown into turmoil. A ship has fallen from the sky, bringing with it a strange, dark, and hostile individual. Three young J?daii who felt 'called' to the site of the crash now fight for their lives with their swords and the Force. But live or die, the storm that will engulf the homeworld of the Je'daii has already begun!


Cover Artist Jan Duursema
Penciller Jan Duursema
Inker Dan Parsons
Colorist Wes Dzioba
Letterer Michael Heisler
Plotter John Ostrander, Jan Duursema
Scripter John Ostrander
Editor Randy Stradley


Shae Koda
Daegen Lok
Sek'nos Rath
Tasha Ryo
Rori Fenn
Hawk Ryo
Kora Ryo

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