Unnatural Order #1A

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Release: Aug 30, 2023
Cover: Oct 2023
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Val Rodrigues Regular
85876100690400111 | Comic | 32 pages

Chris Yost, co-creator of X-23, writer of hundreds of X-men issues and films and shows like Thor: Ragnarok and The Mandalorian, returns to comic books with Val Rodrigues to weave together Dark Fantasy and action-packed SciFi in UNNATURAL ORDER! After the fall of the Britons and the Roman invasion of Hibernia, the captive known only as the Druid is released, sending a darkness across the world...an age of horrors, of fire and entrails. As the innocent burn in the Wicker fields, those who would resist learn of the existence of a man who even the Druid fears. For it is this prisoner, a soldier from a different time, who alone knows the Druid's secret: this is not how the world is supposed to be.



Writer Christopher Yost
Artist Val Rodrigues
Cover Artist Val Rodrigues

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