Vampirella Dead Flowers #4D (Sara Frazetta variant)

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Release: Jan 03, 2024
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Ergun Gunduz variant cover
72513033375904041 | Comic | 32 page


In this climactic issue, Vampirella must face one of her greatest enemies, risen from the grave and seeking unholy vengeance! Fangs, spells, and claws will meet necromancy most foul and a legion of the undead - all as a young girl's soul hangs in the balance! Writers SARA FRAZETTA and BOB FREEMAN and artist ALBERTO LOCATELLI are joined by cover artists LUCIO PARRILLO, COLLETTE TURNER, and ERGÜN GÜNDÜZ to bring you the soul-crushing conclusion you've been waiting for!



Writer Sara Frazetta, Bob Freeman
Artist Alberto Locatelli
Cover Artist Sara Frazetta
Colorist The Brewing Factory
Letterer Tom Napolitano

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