Universal Grading Services

UGS strives for quality, customer-friendliness and a fast service.

They consist of a driven and dynamic team that originated from enthusiasts with a passion for collecting cards.
The professionals are ready for you with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm.

– By collectors, for collectors –
That’s their motto!

Why opting for UGS?

Our team is continuously testing new grading providers and we were blown away by the professionalism this start-up is showing. Their card knowledge and grading skills are outstanding. All cards are analyzed manually and under a microscope. Where others are scanning the cards digitally and doing the computer to the job they are still working it out manually and full of passion.  The grading team does a rigorous job by analyzing all the aspects of the cards and identify all possible defects. All their gradings includes sub-gradings. 

Next to being very accessible in their pricing they are also committing to a speedy turnaround. As soon the trading cards are in-house they secure to have them graded and sealed within 10 working days!

Their cases are Cristal clear and uv coated. Their labels are outstanding in design.

What cards do they grade?

Grading Service 10 Days

Trading Cards
  • All Trading cards
  • Included sub grades
  • Fast turnarounds

Grading Service 5 days

Trading Cards
  • All Trading cards
  • Included Sub Grades
  • Fastest solution

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