Comic Stash was founded by my urge to share. was created to share the amazing world of collecting comics and trading cards.

The idea grew when I started to recollect my collection again. You can call it a reboot of my very own collection.
Since the age of 10, I have been collecting comics; Magic-cards, Pokémon, and Panini. A passion that was shared to me by my father. When I became a father myself, I started to look around on the web to buy different collections. I want to leave my son a legacy of comics and I hope that he will have the same passion and respect for it as I have. During the last 3 years, that collection grew out to over a few thousand comics… 


And the more I bought, the more double issues I had in my collection. I started to look around the web to sell them.
From eBay, to auction websites and more… Till I was introduced to different amazing communities on the social media channels. I was able to share experiences & knowledge in the comic world, and found out that everybody had the same main frustrations of the available comics on the market… 
Quality, trust, shipment and packaging became the main topics. Only a handful of providers stand out on the personal approach to sell comics and kept the community alive by providing quality, transparency combined with secure and fast shipment processes. 

Our main focus shifted a while back to slabbings and facilitating the CGC & CBCS service towards the community. We started a few years ago to train our self in the art of cleaning and pressing comics. This ever growing passion pushed us to become a CGC® facilitator. After several months of application process with CGC we finally got the licence and we are proud of it! 

However since our community grew, so did the need to expand.
By 2022, our services grew from cleaning, grading & pressing, to supplying comics (new and old). Our Saletropolis-group rose up, and our community grew even more, which eventually evolved into a weekly online sale: for the community.. by the community.

And as of 2023, we as a community keep growing.
Comic Stash will embark on a bigger mission to share collectibles!

Thank you for you trust.
Let's grow together!

Jean-Marie Gambardella
and the kick-ass team of Comic Stash.