Joker #5 Cover A Guillem March

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The never-before-seen tale of The Joker s first night in Arkham Asylum is finally revealed! When a lunatic in a clown suit tries to poison Gotham City s reservoir and is placed in Arkham Asylum before his trial, Detective Jim Gordon realizes something s different about this new inmate that could forever change the future of Gotham. Backup: Rising-star artist Sweeney Boo joins the series as things get worse and worse for Punchline and Bluebird. Punchline s prison war against the Queen of Spades escalates, and no prisoner at Blackgate Penitentiary will be exempt from choosing sides. And after barely escaping death at the hands of Punchline s former accomplice, will Bluebird have the will to continue her investigation and find the mysterious woman from Punchline s past who has the answers she s looking for?

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