Army of Darkness Forever #5A

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Release: Feb 21, 2024
Cover: Feb 2024
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Francesco Mattina Regular
72513033477005011 | Comic | 32 pages 

The Legendary ASH WILLIAMS is back destroying Deadites past, present and future! Issue #5: Bad Ash continues to scheme in the present day, while in the future, Ash and the Wiseman seek the last piece of the Necronomicon. And in the past, Sheila makes a deadly discovery which threatens all space and time... for real! Picking up immediately after the ARMY OF DARKNESS DIRECTOR'S CUT, this new series features four incredible covers by horror icons, including series writer/Mastermind Tony Fleecs, artist Chris Burnham, the zombie king Arthur Suydam and master painter Francesco Mattina!


Writer Tony Fleecs
Artist Justin Greenwood
Cover Artist Francesco Mattina

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