Avengers Vol. 1 #63 - Silver Age - G

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The Avengers, Vol. 1 #63A

And In This Corner... Goliath!

1st app. Goliath (Clint Barton)

Release: Feb 11, 1969
Cover: Apr 1969
Silver Age | Color | USA | English

Comic | 32 pages | $ 0.12


Writer Roy Thomas
Cover Penciller Gene Colan
Cover Inker George Klein
Penciller Gene Colan
Inker George Klein
Letterer Artie Simek
Editor Stan Lee
Editor in Chief Stan Lee


Hawkeye Clint Barton
Wasp Janet van Dyne
Black Widow Natasha Romanoff
Black Panther T'Challa
Edwin Jarvis
Vision Victor Shade
Yellowjacket Henry 'Hank' Pym
Mad Thinker
Goliath Clint Barton
Egghead Elihas Starr

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