Avengers Vol. 1 #77 - Silver Age - F

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The Avengers, Vol. 1 #77A

Heroes For Hire!

Release: Apr 14, 1970
Cover: Jun 1970
Bronze Age | Color | USA | English

Comic | 32 pages | $ 0.15

Cornelius van Lunt is about to drive Stark Industries out of business. Stark comes to the Avengers for help, who allow themselves to be hired out privately to gain the income they need to pay their bills. However, their new employer may have ulterior motives.


Writer Roy Thomas
Cover Penciller John Buscema
Cover Inker Tom Palmer Sr.
Penciller John Buscema
Inker Tom Palmer Sr.
Letterer Sam Rosen
Editor Stan Lee
Editor in Chief Stan Lee


Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff
Black Panther T'Challa
Quicksilver Pietro Maximoff
Edwin Jarvis
Goliath Clint Barton
Johnny Carson
Cornelius van Lunt
Anthony Edward 'Tony' Stark

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