Black Manta #6A

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Assassin of the Sea Conclusion

Release: Feb 08, 2022
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Valentine De Landro Cover
76194137444400611 | Comic | 32 pages

Final issue, leading directly into the Aquamen #1 launch! It's villain versus villain as Black Manta fights to stop Devil Ray, whose eyes are set on Atlantis but whose ambitions might very well bring about the end of the world. Will Manta finally be able to own his roots, his power, and his flaws to save Atlantis...and himself?


Writer Chuck Brown
Artist Matthew Dow Smith
Cover Artist Valentine De Landro
Cover Colorist Marissa Louise
Colorist Marissa Louise
Letterer Clayton Cowles
Editor Andrea Shea


Aquaman Arthur Curry
Black Manta David Hyde
Gentleman Ghost Jim Craddock
Dr. Mist Nommo Balewa
Gallous the Goat
Devil Ray

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