DCU Infinite Holiday Special #1

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A Hector Hammond Christmas / Christmas Spirits / "All I Want for Christmas..." / Gift of The Magi / Father Christmas / Lights / "Yes, Tyrone, There Is a Santa Claus"

Release: Dec 13, 2006
Cover: Feb 2007

Modern Age | Color | USA | English
76194125818800111 | Comic | 80 pages

- Hector Hammond tries to ruin Hal Jordan's Christmas by tricking him to come close enough that he can rummage through Hal's memories, but the plan backfires when it just causes Hal to recall fond times he spent with his father.
- Worried by threats from a group called the Anti-Christmas League, Santa Claus recruits Shadowpact to help guard him as he makes his yearly trip around the world.
- To try to teach Kara the meaning of Christmas, Clark recruits her help in going through the Christmas letters sent to Superman. While attempting to reunite a young girl with her father on Christmas, she learns that the holiday is about more than commercialism.
- A chance encounter with a man who worked with some of his Rogues makes the Flash re-think his plan to spend Christmas by himself.
- While busting up some crooks during the holidays, Batwoman finds a lead that helps her reunite her Grandmother with members of her family she thought were dead after the Holocaust in World War II.
- In an attempt to help save a child's faith in Christmas, Superman dresses up as Santa Claus to visit the boy's house.




Keith Champagne, Greg Rucka, Kelley Puckett, Bill Willingham, Ian Boothby, Joe Kelly, Tony Bedard
Artist Pete Woods, Christian Alamy, Cory Walker & Alé Garza
Cover Artist Howard Porter
Penciller Giuseppe Camuncoli, Marcos Marz & John Byrne
Inker Keith Champagne, Lorenzo Ruggiero & Luciana del Negro

Jason Wright, Brad Anderson, Rod Reis, Nathan Eyring, Michael Atiyeh, Juvaun Kirby, Hi-Fi Color Design
Letterer Phil Balsman, Travis Lanham, John J. Hill, Jared K. Fletcher

Joey Cavalieri, Matt Idelson, Eddie Berganza, Joan Hilty, Peter J. Tomasi, Mike Carlin
Editor in Chief Dan DiDio


Batman Bruce Wayne
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent
Lois Lane
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Jimmy Olsen
Perry White
Supergirl Kara Zor-El
Flash Jay Garrick
Phantom Stranger
Detective Chimp Bobo T. Chimpanzee
Enchantress June Moone
Nightshade Eve Eden
Ragman Rory Regan
Blue Devil Daniel Patrick Cassidy
Hector Hammond
Joan Garrick
Batwoman Kathy Kane
Flash Bart Allen
Murmur Michael Amar
Nightmaster Jim Rook
Santa Claus Kris Kringle
Sabina De La Croix
Achilles Lieutenant Alvarez
Solomon Rachel Zallman

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