Assassins Creed Shinobi Uncivil War Cover C Moy R (Mature)

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This epic mecha cover represents a special bonus story, written by Kevin Roditeli (Washed in the Blood, Bad Omens) with art by Moy R. Marco who has publishing credits with Marvel, Dynamite, Boom!, and much more! We're back with a brand new edition of ASSASSIN'S CREED VISIONARIES, where top industry talents bring you new, original visions that expand the vast universe of ASSASSIN'S CREED ! In our first tale "SHINOBI," writer BRAY DORNBACK and artist RYAN BENJAMIN bring us to the Shogunate age of Feudal Japan. The target is a rival clan member and the kill has to be perfect. Failure means certain death and instant dishonor. A true Shinobi must protect his clan, even at the cost of his own life, pride, and honor. If his actions reveal his clan's involvement, Hamato's life will be forfeited to keep the peace... Then in "UNCIVIL WAR," writer CHUCK AUSTEN and artist PATRICK OLLIFFE take us to the American Civil War, where a newly liberated slave, William Jones, uncovers a plot to assassinate leaders of the Union, including the President. Best course of action would be to assassinate the would-be assassins, but a freed slave killing a white man is treacherous business... even when it's meant to protect the fate of a fractured nation.

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