Fate of the Blade #1

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Fate of the Blade

Release: Aug 2002
Cover: Aug 2002

Modern Age | Color | USA | English
823365009651 | Comic | 32 pages

One of America's newest super corporations is taking the world by storm: EVE INC. The only thing more shocking than EVE INC.'s success is its product: perfect women. Run by the world's best biologists, sociologists and psychologists, EVE INC. artificially grows females on a massive scale, shaping their personalities with artificial memories injected into their minds as they grow. Sound crazy? Now imagine what happens when a product becomes defective. No company warranty covers that kind of damage. From the company that brought you Transformers and Transformers Armada, DreamWave launches its newest and boldest title yet


Writer Chris Sarracini
Penciller Job Yamen
Inker Erik Sander
Colorist Linda Bergkuist
Letterer Dreamer Designs
Editor Matt Moylan
Editor in Chief Roger Lee

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