Sweetie Candy Vigilante Volume 2 #2 Cover A Yeagle (Mature)

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STAND AND DELIVER - YOUR HONEY OR YOUR LIFE! In the wake of the hostile "Sugartown Showdown" street battle, Sweetie and her "swirly pop" formation entourage (Candy Wolf, Pixie Stix, Hansel, Gretel, and the rest of the supernaturals) regroup victorious at the Candy Vigilante factory headquarters in Brooklyn. After getting iced by magic snowball flex and witnessing the grisly fatalities caused by exploding Easter egg grenades, jellybean munitions, and gingerbread jawbreakers, Bart Volgare and his thugs (at least what's left of them) know one thing is certain: the band is back together! Rumor has it SUV barely survived the weird trauma, so you might say he has something to smile about - permanently. Sweetie's arch-nemesis Bart may think that he got away, but you don't really believe she would just let him scurry off like that, do you? Peter Cottontail and Jack Rabbit lament that they didn't get to take the shot and egg-stinguish him in the name of SWEET revenge when they had the chance, but Sweetie makes it crystal clear she wants Bart alive - at least for now. He knows... something. Plus the bad wolf tower is pinging, and someone's house is about to be blown down. Meanwhile, the squad is introduced to Honey B, Sweetie's youthful beekeeper, who brings stinging news straight from the hive. Someone has been killing Sweetie's prize bees by chopping off their fuzzy little heads! Could it have anything to do with Sweetie's latest weapon? The frosted whipped-cream confection called "SweetStuff" is derived from the sweetest, purest, grade-A honey, and for those who are pure of heart, it's one of the most delectable concoctions you'll ever taste. To the inherently bad, however, SweetStuff doesn't taste very SWEET at all - in fact, it melts away your... everything! It liquefies matter into a frosty, glittery goo, right down to the bone! Isn't that NICE? PICK UP SWEETIE CANDY VIGILANTE VOL. 2 #2 FOR ALL THIS AND LOTS MORE SWEET STUFF!

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