Inferno, Vol. 2 #1A

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Release: Sep 29, 2021
Cover: Nov 2021
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Jerome Opena Regular
75960620211900111 | Comic | 52 pages

THE CULMINATION OF JONATHAN HICKMAN'S X-MEN BEGINS HERE! "There will be an island-not the first, but the last..." Promises were made and broken. The rulers of Krakoa have been playing a dangerous game with a dangerous woman, and they are about to see how badly that can burn them. Mastermind of the X-Men JONATHAN HICKMAN brings his plans to a head, joined by an incredible lineup of artists beginning with VALERIO SCHITI... as one woman follows through on her promise to burn the nation of Krakoa to the ground.



Writer Jonathan Hickman
Artist Valerio Schiti
Cover Artist Jerome Opeña
Colorist David Curiel
Letterer Joe Sabino
Editor Jordan D. White
Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski


Wolverine James 'Logan' Howlett
Cyclops Scott Summers
Storm Ororo Munroe
Nightcrawler Kurt Wagner
Magik Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina
Mystique Raven Darkholme
Emma Frost
Bishop Lucas Bishop
Domino Neena Thurman
Sebastian Shaw
Pyro St. John Allerdyce
Kid Omega Quentin Quire
Exodus Bennet du Paris
Destiny Irene Adler
Cypher Douglas 'Doug' Ramsey
Omega Sentinel Karima Shapandar
Professor X Charles Xavier
Magneto Erik Lehnsherr
Psylocke Kwannon
Dr. Moira MacTaggert

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