Legenderry: Red Sonja, Vol. 3 #1C (Cosplay variant)

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Release: Dec 06, 2023
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Shannon Kingston Coplay variant
72513033809901031 | Comic | 32 pages

When last we saw the Legenderry world's Red Sonja, she was living the pirate's life aboard her ship, The Nautilus. But times have changed! In this special 40-page one-shot adventure - created exclusively for Red Sonja's 50th Anniversary - fan-favorite writer KATANA COLLINS weaves a tale of thievery, deception, and a mysterious painting with a decidedly handsome and unaging owner - all set against the steam-powered backdrop of the Legenderry world! Illustrated by the incomparable KEWBER BAAL, Legenderry Red Sonja also features incredible covers by SEAN MURPHY, CORIN M. HOWELL, and a special cosplay cover by SHANNON KINGSTON!



Writer Katana Collins
Artist Kewber Baal
Cover Artist Shannon Kingston

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