Marvel Zombies: Black, White & Blood #1C

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Release: Oct 25, 2023
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Leinil Francis Yu Variant
75960620776300131 | Comic | 32 pages

AN ALL-NEW ERA OF MARVEL ZOMBIES! The undead plague starts here...and you know it won't stop until everyone's in its clutches! This first of four action-packed, utterly original, gloriously gory anthology issues features Daredevil, Spider-Man, Moon Knight and many, many more Marvel heroes and villains beset by ever-growing zombie hordes! In a brutal, bloodstained world, can hope survive? Or will creeping, gnawing, shambling horror win out at last...?
Rated T+


Writer Garth Ennis
Artist Rachael Stott
Cover Artist Leinil Francis Yu
Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski

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