Red Sonja, Vol. 1 #72A

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The Long March Home, Prologue: Madness Stalks The Undercity

Release: Dec 05, 2012
Cover: Dec 2012
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Walter Geovani Cover
72513018415307211 | Comic | 32 pages

There are old scores to settle, and new threats on the horizon as the She-Devil with a Sword carves a bloody swath across the Hyborian kingdoms. This time, Red Sonja's travels have brought her full circle, back to her native Hyrkania, where an ancient feud once again blazes to life.



Writer Eric Trautmann
Artist Marcio Abreu
Cover Artist Walter Geovani
Colorist Salvatore Aiala
Letterer Simon Bowland
Editor Luke Lieberman, Joseph Rybandt

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