Red Sonja, Vol. 1 #78A

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The Crimson Well, Part 3

Release: Jul 03, 2013
Cover: Jul 2013
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Lucio Parillo Cover
72513018415307811 | Comic | 32 pages

'The Crimson Well' Part 3 (of 6)-Secret plans are revealed, and the tables begin turning...but Sonja and her allies may have woefully underestimated the Dark Prince. Blood and steel will play a part, as they always do, but this issue's real battle will be won by the warrior with the strongest will.



Writer Brandon Jerwa
Artist Sergio Davila
Cover Artist Lucio Parrillo
Colorist Inlight Studio
Letterer Simon Bowland
Editor Luke Lieberman, Joseph Rybandt


Red Sonja
Dracula Vlad Tepes Dracula

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