Red Sonja, Vol. 4 #24C (Mandrake Variant)

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The Witching Hour

Release: Dec 19, 2018
Cover: Dec 2018
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Tom Mandrake & Sian Mandrake Cover
72513025379824031 | Comic | 32 pages

The Witching Hour. In the latest chapter of Red Sonja's travels, the She-Devil almost tramples over an old witch on her way back to Hyrkania, sparking a nightmarish combination of road rage and swords and sorcery.



Artist Pasquale Qualano
Cover Artist Tom Mandrake
Cover Colorist Sian Mandrake
Colorist Omi Remalante Jr.
Letterer Taylor Esposito
Plotter Amy Chu, Alex Chang
Scripter Erik Burnham, Amy Chu
Editor Luke Lieberman, Joseph Rybandt

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